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About us

Group of companies ABONO and its management team are wide known worldwide as one of the highest growing companies in Russia in the livestock, MSW and biological waste management area. We are actively collaborating with the leading in the world solid & liquid waste research centers and engineering companies, as well as with waste handling equipment manufacturers.

Head office of ABONO, LLC located in Moscow, Russia, while production facilities are based in Moscow region and other areas of Russia. We are offering wide range of high quality waste management equipment for solid and liquid waste.

Specialization of ABONO in implementation of a complex technological solutions, requiring superior engineering, communication, project management and customer service skills makes us a valuable partner in Russia and CIS for the biggest in the world suppliers of waste management solutions.

ABONO is offering service centers in different regions of Russia to provide warranty and maintanance work on imported equipment.



Сервисные центры ABONO - Service centers "ABONO"


The team of ABONO will do everything to keep our relationship long-term and mutually profitable.


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